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Business Admin It Standards Answer Essay

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University IT Standards

The following establishes the standard for the creation of documentation of information technology standards. These standards will enable the University to maintain consistency and align with principles outlined in our polices.

Document Development

All documentation for information technology standards within the scope of the enterprise architecture program must include all of the following components.
  * Objective – the purpose of the document
  * Scope – identifying to whom and/or to what assets the standards and process apply

  * Compliance – identifying the requirement to comply with the document and where to report non-compliance and to request exceptions.
  * Standard and Process – defining the rules by which the individuals or assets within the scope must adhere; the process provides greater detail on the standard by describing how the individuals or assets comply with the standard.

  * Document Owner – the contact for document content questions and document revisions.
  * Document Approver – the chief information officer has delegated document approval to the University enterprise architect and chief information security officer.

  * Effective Date – date the document was implemented and enforced
  * Last Reviewed Date – date the document was last reviewed for changes, updates, or document retirement.

Document Maintenance

Documents created and approved using this standard are to be reviewed at regular intervals for changes, updates, or document retirement. Current document owners must be updated or affirmed during the routine document maintenance. The document owner will determine how often the document requires routine maintenance, however the regular interval must not exceed three years from the prior last-reviewed date. Documents must be reviewed every three years or more frequently at the document owner’s discretion.

Documentation Development, Review, Approval, and Implementation

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