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Business Essay

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1. Define what is meant by the stakeholder.
Answer. Stakeholder may be defining as a person that may or may not gain benefit from the project, but affect its outcome. Stakeholders on any of the project may be internal and external to the project and have different names like businessman, sponsors, investors and suppliers, team members, councils and contractors. While there is no list of correct names of stakeholders or we can say that the stakeholders have no important part and functions in each project. Some ones say project stakeholders, because of holding a stake in planning as well as in management of a certain project. Stakeholders are the parties which have a great interest of both useful and harmful way in the success of the particular project.
2. Identify the most common types of stakeholders present on most projects.
Answer. Stakeholders are of two common types. First one is that in which the stakeholders takes part to the project output which may be the pathway or direction, technical advice or professional services. While the other one is that in which the stakeholders are affected by the output of the project .In this type of stakeholder the output may be a profit or benefit and application or change. Output in both cases and types can takes place in either beneficial or may be negative way.
3. What types of activities do project stakeholders perform?
Answer. Different or various types of activities are performed by the project stakeholders. Project     stakeholders are basic need of a certain project. Nothing is possible in project management without any of the stakeholder because they bring concepts and ideas. Project stakeholders provide huge funds for a particular project initiating. Project stakeholder brings activities that are relating to the project and facing challenges which may come in a project. Another activity which is performed by the project stakeholder is that they make decision and outcomes.
4. What are the four functions of...

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