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Nordstrom Tactics to Achieve Strategic Goals
Expansion Tactics
Nordstrom tactics are conservative for the expansion strategy. This is a response do to the financial crisis. Nordstrom executives saw sales drop in their stores. That is why Nordstrom decided to create stores to sell cheaper merchandise and open fewer full-line stores than usual.   In 2012 there is plans to open six Nordstrom full-line and 18 Nordstrom Rack stores (Nordstrom, Inc., 2012). The Nordstrom Rack stores sales 55% to 65% off original Nordstrom prices, their target market are shopper more consciences off the value of their money. The Nordstrom full-line stores are for their target market of middle to upper class citizens whos salaries begin in $60,000.
Customer Service Tactics
The Nordstrom tactics for excellent customer service begin with their employees. In Nordstrom employees are constantly offer coaching, mentoring, and ongoing training to make sure they stay in the path of Nordstrom culture and always are contributing to the successful sales force in the stores. They rely on the experience of their employees for their long-term success. By implementing this they can encourage employees to approach their work with an entrepreneur spirit, try new ways of selling, and approaching to a customer. The coaching and mentoring offered support so the employee does not looses Nordstrom practices of doing business. This permits to maintain a sales workforce well trained, knowledgeable about products, and trends.   The company sales workforce is compose of approximately 55,000 employees.
Nordstrom leaders organize the company support the customer service by giving stores control of issues that would affect the customer. That is why the individual stores are in charge of hiring, training customer payments, and the merchandise return policy. This permits that the executives in the store can take quickly decisions to enhance the experience of the customers.
The company has a comprehensive knowledge...

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