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Bus Transportation Effects on the Environment Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: BUS EFFECTS ON ENVIRONMENT                                                           1
Bus Transportation Effects on the Environment:
A Case Study for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Guillermo Escandon

BUS EFFECTS ON ENVIRONMENT                                                                                           2
The use of diesel fuel as a source of energy to power vehicles of all sorts is a habit for people and organizations that is leading to hazardous environmental conditions. Buses around the world are powered by diesel fuel engines and emit pollutants into the atmosphere. Schools such as the University of Louisiana at Lafayette utilize diesel bus transports that provide transportation to students from off campus to on campus. With the continued use of diesel engines, the environment will suffer, but it takes just a few people or organizations to lead as example to try and change these particularly detrimental habits.

BUS EFFECTS ON ENVIRONMENT                                                                                           3
Bus Transportation Effects on the Environment:
A Case Study for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
The public bus transportation system is a unique type of travel network designed to offer transit to people to various destinations, both close and far.   Public bus transportation has existed for many, almost since the invention of the gas-combustion engine, and has offered many people the convenience of getting around at little cost.   Bus transit has been adopted by many users, including cities, airports, schools and a multitude of other entities.   Bus use can arguably be considered one of the most effective ways of transportation, and many would agree, but there is an unpleasant factor about buses that is a cause for concern.   Buses use diesel fuel to power their engines.   Diesel fuel is a highly flammable mineral oil used to power larger engine vehicles....

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