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Bus 310 Company Selection Essay

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This forum will be about Bestbuy Company. This is a company that deals with the technology environment. It currently operates in the United States and China, Mexico. This company was established by Richard M. Schulze. He owned an electronic store that was nearly destroyed by a tornado. He then came up with an idea to sell off some of his products at a cheaper price in his store’s parking lot. He poured most of his savings into advertising this event.   This event was very successful because he ended up selling most of his products in a matter of four days equaling more than he ever did in a month. After that great success he used the money that he made to expand his business and later changed the name to Bestbuy Company. Richard Schulze and Gary Smoliak ended up becoming the entrepreneurs of the year in 1999.

Bestbuy operates in the technology industry. They started off supplying consumers with electronics. The two founders started off as an audio store that sold high fidelity stereos and later re-branded into a electronic store. They also later included subsidiaries as far as Geek squad, Magnolia audio video, Pacific sales, Cowboom and Techcinema Now. Geek Squad was a separate business that supported consumers with installation teams that would install consumer’s home theater systems or personal computer software and systems. They also provided customers assistance for people with computer viruses and malware viruses. Bestbuy also started selling musical equipment which made them one of the largest businesses to sell musical instruments.

Bestbuy’s domestic environment consists of the following places: Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and China. As of 2013 Bestbuy net income was $532 million dollars. Bestbuy has its own mobile company which is called Bestbuy mobile.   In 2011 it was reported that Bestbuy was failing in Europe because they attempted to use the same strategies they used in America in Europe. It was discovered that Europeans prefer smaller shops than...

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