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Bus 206 Essay

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  • on August 20, 2015
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Chatchada       Prasittipornkul

Case studies: an Ethics Role-playing  
Part1 :  
For Landon’s decision, it is purely business decision as he says he would like to close the current one and start the new one in another country. Those means that it will make people in that area lose their jobs. However, as far as I concerned, I can see that he still has that feeling of ethically care for Sri Lankans as he says he allows me 6 month to make sure 3 things have to be done properly: eliminate work force, cut down wage rate, and finding suppliers with cheaper price yet maintaining good quality. Being in an operating manager position of a U.S. firm with operations in a developing country that is dependent on the firm for employment, I have to deal with ethical conflicts between stockholder wealth goal and managing for multiple stakeholders. I am challenged to consider the effects of their choices on the local society as they balance the demands of stockholders, employees, and family when the concerns of the groups come into conflict.
I don’t think shareholder wealth goal should be paramount in this situation because firstly, I think internal stakeholder should come first as it acts like an engine of organization’s development, without their skill of working, AHF would haven’t had this much reputation. I have two responsibilities as I am the chief of operate officer: first, to ensure that the ethical rights of no stakeholder are violated and to balance the legitimate interests of the stakeholders when making decisions. However, I don’t mean that shareholder is not important, they are absolutely important but we should not put them in the highest place. I know that shareholder’s investment are very necessary needed to go on the business, without them there will be no money invested resulted in negative brand image and it would be difficult to improve reputation. However, when it comes to difficulties of handling values in conflict with ethic role involved,...

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