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Bureaucracy Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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The word bureaucracy can be defined as a management or administrative with many level of hierarchy authority among offices and there are also many strict rules and regulations set by the organization which must be follow by all employees. This is mainly to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Bureaucratic management can mostly found in a government organization and in large organization for example in a big private company. The theory of bureaucracy studied by Max Weber (1864 –1920) (Jason Smith, 2001) as know as The Weberian Bureaucracy, who is a German sociologist. He describe bureaucracy as the ‘one-best-way’ or the most efficient and effective way of managing the government organization.

Max Weber’s idea spread throughout the government and private sector. His ideal types of bureaucratic organization consist of the five following types of characteristic: Work Specialization, Authority Hierarchy, Rules and Regulation, Impartiality and Impersonality, and Recording. Let me explain about these five characteristic.   Firstly, Work Specialization refers to all the tasks in the organization are being divided into separate jobs. The entire jobs are broken down into more simply and easy steps which can help to increase the productivity of the product if an organization are in a manufacturing business. When the jobs are broken down into more steps, this means it required more workers to produce a certain product, hence it only involve some repetitive performance of a few skills. It can also improve the workers skill because they are keeping doing the same kind of job every day. Besides that, some of the workers it requires highly developed skills, while the other job can be performed unskilled.   Second I’m going to explain about Authority Hierarchy. Authority Hierarchy can simply be defined as each level in the organization controls the level below and is controlled by the level above. Authority Hierarchy can also be described as the chain of...

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