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Bullying Skit Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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A Skit About Bullies
Setting: At school
Terry =   Bully
Cindy =   Victim
Mrs. Williams = Teacher
Rosemary = Cindy’s Friend

Background: Terry was always bothering Cindy. Any chance he could, but it would usually happen during recess so there were no teachers around to see. Cindy was his main target. He’d push her, kick her, punch her, and constantly tease her. First grade is supposed to be a fun, safe place to learn. However, Terry made it so Cindy is sad and scared to go to school all the time.

Narrator: As the class finished up learning about adding money, the bell for recess rang.
Mrs. Williams: Time for recess!
Terry: Yes!!!
Cindy: Oh, no!
Narrator: Reluctantly, Cindy walked to the door to go outside to meet her worst nightmare again...
Rosemary: I don't know, Cindy, I don't see him. I have to stay inside because I forgot to write that paragraph though. I'll see you later!
Narrator: Cindy began to feel scared and alone. Slowly she walked through the doors to the playground. She sat down on a swing. Suddenly, she heard a booming voice behind her.
Terry: Hi there, want to play?
Narrator: Then, she felt a hard push on her back sending her flying to the ground. She got up and ran.
Terry: I wasn't done playing with you! I see! You want to play tag!
Narrator: Terry could run faster than Cindy and soon caught up to her. He pushed her to the ground and she cried out in pain. Terry stepped on her back and the teacher came running over.
Mrs. Williams: What's going on here?!
Terry: Nothing! We were just playing tag and she fell over and I ran over to help her up!
Mrs. Williams: Is that true Cindy?
Narrator: Cindy could sense Terry's anger.
Cindy: Yes, but my leg hurts really bad, may I go to the office please?
Mrs. Williams: Of course!
Narrator: Cindy was full of joy, she finally got to get away from Terry.
Mrs. Williams: Terry, will you please go with her?
Terry: Absolutely!
Narrator: A smile slid across Terry's face...

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