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Budha Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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Mellisa Koontz
Comparative Religion
Word Count: 1251
His name was Siddhartha Gautama which has two meaning “Wish-Fulfiller” or “He Who Has Reached His Goal” (Fisher 138). Siddhartha Gautama becomes a very important historical figure. With Time his people will call him “The Buddha” (Fiero 193). The Buddha is an historical figure what we know about him is not documented in any way but derived from stories passed down over time through generations of followers (Fisher 138). There is very few historical factual details of Buddha’s life while there are tons of stories and epics about his life that are not all true.
Siddhartha was born near the border between India and Nepal in the foot hills of the Himalayas. Scholars still disagree on whether his life spanned 560 -480 or 440- 360 BCE (Fiero 193). He lived 80 years over the 5th century BCE though his life might have extended into the late 6th or early 4th century (Fisher 138) His father was a wealthy land Owner serving as one of the chiefs of a Kshatriya clan, the Shakyas who lived who lived in the foot hills of the Himalayas (Fisher 138). His mother Maya is said to have given birth to him in the garden of Kumbini near Kapilavastu. Now this is where the epics and stories start to embellish things.
Some texts venerate Buddha as a legendary hero, and were written by storytellers and not historians. An example of such a sacred biography is Asvaghosa’s famous epic, the Buddhacarita (Acts of Buddha), probably composed in the second century CE. (Fisher 138). You have to be careful with anything that is passed down from generation to generation because you do not know what stories/epics are true and what stories/epics have been embellished. In this case there is very little factual details of Buddha’s life because of it being passed down generation by generation through his followers. It makes it really hard to tell the difference and know what is embellished and what is not.
The epics embellish...

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