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Bubble Wrapped Children Essay

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  • on August 18, 2015
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Bubble Wrapped Children
In preschool and childcare settings, a problem that is becoming more common is a child who does not have self-help skills. An entire generation of children is not learning how to cope with everyday problems. The child who has never climbed a rock or slide, never fallen down and skinned a knee, never had a chance to dress themselves, or figure out how to resolve conflict in a fair manner is becoming all too familiar. These children are usually four to five years old. They have not had a chance to fail and try again. They think if you do not get it the first time; you do not need to try again, because someone will help you. Children will not become fully functioning adults without developing coping skills when they are young.
When a child cannot put on a pair of pants and a shirt on their own by age five, they lack independence and motor skills. An example of this is a five year old whose parents have always dressed the child. These parents did this because they did not have the extra time in the morning or evening to let the child get dressed. It was easier to dress the child in the clothing that they wanted the child to wear, rather than the clothing the child wanted to wear. This harms the child, as they do not get the gross and fine motor skills it takes to get dressed. The child does not get to express his or her own fashion choices. It is in getting to choose your own clothes that you learn what is appropriate for summer and winter, school and home, as well as build one’s confidence.
Children who are not being given a chance to fall down and skin a knee are not learning how push limits and be safe when exploring their world. You as an adult cannot remember how you learned how to navigate the world with its potholes, hills, valleys and uneven walkways. As a child, you need to be given the chance to run, fall down and get back up to learn how to navigate the world..   You need to be given the chance to see how far and fast you can move...

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