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Bsbmed303B Maintain Patient Records Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Task 1

Patient Authority forms need to be completed and submitted before patient information is released.
Create an email suitable to send to all staff in a health facility reminding them of the important information needed to be submitted by the patient before any information can be released.
Give at least FIVE points.

Staff are reminded that the following is required in a patient authority form before information can be released.
• Patient authority forms must be in written form to be valid
• Must contain enough information to allow the patient to be identified correctly (e.g. date of birth, address)
• Must indicate what information the health care facility is allowed to release and to whom it is to be released
• Must be signed by the patient
• Must be an original request (photocopies are not acceptable)
• Must be current (authority should be less than three months old)

Task 2

Using Word, you are required to write a report outlining the steps to follow when releasing confidential patient information to various sources.

Commence your report with a short introduction on the importance of privacy and confidentiality of patient records.

State your understanding of the important considerations when releasing information to the various groups who may request patient information from a health facility.

Each group must be discussed separately, giving the type of information that can be released and the procedure that must be followed when releasing information.

Use the following Side headings:
• Introduction on the importance of privacy and confidentiality of patient records
Release of information to:
• other health professionals
• the patient
• the patient’s family
• solicitors, insurance companies, etc
• Courts of law.
Your report should be presented to business standards and be appropriate for a new employee to follow

Introduction on the importance of privacy and confidentiality of...

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