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Brownies Character Analysis of Laurel

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  • on April 17, 2015
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Mikensley Clayton
English 102- Dr. Hodgens
Character Analysis
1 February 2015
A New Perspective
Girl Scout troops have always been around to help young girls grow into kind young ladies and teach them good morals and help them into the pre-adolescent world. However, in ZZ Packers Brownies, Laurel is not aware of the lessons she is about to learn from being at Camp Crescendo. Laurel, otherwise known as “Snot”, is not the most popular among her peers. She does not talk much and finds most of her solace keeping to herself and following the rules. Laurel’s Brownie Troop focuses on the church and Christian values; but her fellow Brownies do not live the kind words they preach when they attend Camp Crescendo. In ZZ Packers, Brownies, Laurel, who is quiet, nonviolent, and positive, grows from an innocent and naïve fourth grader to a young girl who comes to understand there is bad in the world that she could never fix like bullying and racism.
Laurel is a quiet individual who mostly keeps to herself which results in her not quite getting along with the other girls in her troop. Laurel finds herself to relate the most to one girl, Daphne. Daphne is also quiet like Laurel but she expresses herself through poetry. It is through this poetry that Laurel finds her fascination with Daphne and tries to become her friend.   In the process of trying to get close to Daphne, Laurel ends up mostly freaking her out and pushing her away and she understands, “that two quiet people like us were better off quiet alone” (Packer 40). While Laurel was with her Brownie Troop, she was mostly quiet because she was afraid to speak. Whenever she spoke, her words were only returned with a “shut up” or “whatever”. She was never taken seriously when she would speak. Laurel stayed quiet because she says, “If I spoke even a word, I could count on someone calling me Snot” (Packer 43). It is obvious Laurel is one of the least respected girls in the troop. Therefore, she keeps to herself...

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