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Bridget Jones Diary Essay

  • Submitted by: talyons
  • on March 22, 2012
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Bridget Jones Diary Analysis Essay
Reading Bridget Jones Diary was difficult. Just knowing it was a book about a girl’s life and hearing the reviews about it made it really tough to focus on keeping up with the book.
I decided to write about Bridget Jones and why her character was a bother to me trying to read the book.
Bridget was very predictable; she’s your common insecure girl, paranoid about life and she comes off as lazy and selfish also. The only thing I could come to like was her independency, I have a lot of respect for woman who can take care of themselves or well for the most part at least. Her new year’s resolution was to stop smoking and lose weight. In the book she complained about how her being fat she thinks no one likes her. On page 15 she says; “Ugh cannot face thought of going to work. Only thing that makes it tolerable that I get to see Daniel again, but even that is inadvisable since I’m fat, have a spot on chin, and only desire to sit on cushion while eating chocolates and watching Xmas specials.” She reminded me of the girls that always have to be in a relationship. For a awhile in the book she couldn’t choose between Mr. Darcy and her boss Daniel. She seemed too dumb to realize that Mr. Darcy was a great guy for her.
When Bridget saw Suki in Daniels apartment she was heartbroken. Bridget went home and downed a bottle of some sort of alcohol which was predictable. The life she lived was all over the place she had no sort of organization. If she didn’t have sex with her boss she would of probably have been fired.
After reading the book I had a whole different opinion on British people. This whole time I thought British people were stuck up, snobby people who only think of themselves and Americans are fat idiots.   This book will make you really appreciate your life and what you have in it after you read it. Bridget seemed like she started life a bit late when trying to start a career in her thirties. The way Bridget sees life is...

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