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Breaking Social Norm Essay

  • Submitted by: zed535
  • on April 2, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Language is frequently used seamlessly in social environments everyday. It is the glue that holds social order together. It is the way humans meet, communicate, share ideas, and build a culture. Not only is it part of a normal social interaction, but such sophisticated communication is fundamentally necessary for social interaction to create a complex social construct of reality such as a university. This begged the question of what would happen if language was taken away. How would people treat a situation where their social communicated was not reciprocated and how important is language in facilitating social interaction and in forming and maintaing relationships?
It is impossible to completely eradicate all forms of communication, for many ways of communicating are done with nonverbal communication and may even be involuntary such as how a smile conveys happiness. Also, it is impossible to stop others from communicating with me with language, but I can choose to not communicate with the english language. On tuesday, February fourth in 2014 I, from midnight to midnight attempted not to use established language, such as english, spanish or french in spoken, written, and typed form. Upon planning for this day I realized that there were some basic things and encounters that I needed communication for and so I informed several people who I knew I would encounter, for I communicate with them frequently everyday. While this decision undermined my goal of not using established language its reasons indicated how important social communication was in relationships between people. Though I cannot analyze the reactions of a surprising lack of communication with these people, I can analyze how they change their behavior knowing that I won't communicate with them. A list of these people can be found in my field notes. In addition to informing certain people, I made a sign that said that I was in a twenty four hour vow of silence for a situation where I needed to inform...

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