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Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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The tutor does not approve of bruno reading adventure books and tells him to “get his head out of those fiction books”
the opening scene shows bruno and his friends running home from school mimicking aeroplanes. This sets the theme of innocence as bruno thinks of the war as a game.

While discovering the concentration camp, the music playing outlines some key factors that influence the audience. In major key, the audience see bruno running and playing through the forest.   This could help outline Bruno’s innocence and lack of understanding. However, the key variates to minor when the camera shifts to his perspective, indicating that what lies ahead is negative, making the audience feel apprehensive. The undertones in the music remain minor, showing the situation rests on a deadly foundation that could erupt into a dangerous situation. Also when he is confronted by the barbed wire, the music stops suddenly and the camera shifts to bruno and his perspective.

Bruno meets and befriends schmall, playng and sharing food through the barbed wire. Slowly, schmall reveals the truth of what happens bhind the fence. bruno and schmall ae the same age but live in different typres of worlds. Bruno thinks that the numbers on schmalls shirt is part of a game.

gretel ditches all her dolls for posters of the war.

The flags on the car

the fact that bruno thinks that the clothing of the jews are pyjamas shows his innocense. The conversation between bruno and schmall shows his innocense. Brunos facial expression when he finds out that schmall is a jew and how he hurrily left.

The mothers concern for gretel being Influenced by the properganda of the nazi

the tutor tells bruno that there isnt such thing as a “nice jew” they blame all the nations troubles on the jews

when bruno's mother finds out that ralph runs an extermination camp instead of a labour camp she is devistated

the barbed wire between bruno and schmall represents the

the music when the...

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