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Boston Photograph Essay

  • Submitted by: joeanne24
  • on March 22, 2012
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Daily Response #1
In the essay "The Boston Photographs," by Nora Ephron talks about photojournalism and how difficult it is to them to give the public vivid details about tough times that may not be appealing to many. Additionally, many disagree with these photos, saying how they exploit people in this minor, but who can say that these photos exploits these people? Are the families complaining? Maybe they just wanted to inform the public about their tragic loss. I think they have the right to give their own opinions about these things because the newspaper can’t always be focused on the positive things of life. There are dreadful stories out there as well. I think the author balanced her story out very well because she used names and newspapers to make her point of view. As I have read, there were some arguments about three pictures. The first picture about the women and child being rescued by a fireman on the escape ladder. The second picture showed the fire escape slipping off the building. The child had fallen on the escape ladder and seemed about to slide off the edge. And the last picture showed the women and child in midair, falling to the ground. The reaction around the country was enormous, and almost all of it was negative. I don’t see why they’re mostly negative thoughts about these images, because this could happen anywhere at any time around the world, and wouldn’t you want the public to be noticed of this minor, but big deal? I know I will because these images are just being blown out of proportion. For defending the pictures, Ephron gives many examples, but the one I am interested in is Thomas Keevil of the Costa Mesa Daily Pilot who printed a ballot for readers to vote on whether they would have printed the pictures. I know if I had to vote to tell people if I would of printed these pictures, I would of vote yes, because these pictures aren’t hurting anyone and I don’t see the young lady’s family complaining. Who knows, maybe they wanted these...

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