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Boredom Is the Root of All Evil Essay

  • Submitted by: jwingrove
  • on April 1, 2014
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Philosophy Essay: Soren Keikegaard
Ric Brown
Jole Wingrove 5030069

This paper examines Soren Kierkegaard a 19th century Danish philosophy as outlining a necessary progression through the stages on life way into becoming a Christian. The direct and indirect works of Kierkegaard a depiction of the greater meaning of his body of work can by identified through a system of combining a thesis and antithesis into synthesis. Starting from the aesthetic sensuous erotic, to the conscious eternal ethical, and into the eternal absolute religiousness.   By examining these stages we will be able to assess the relationship between them and why Kierkegaard advocates a necessary progression to gain faith. Kierkegaard begins Either/Or with a passage called the rotation method in which he states “All men are bores” (p.25) and from this boredom springs all humanities folly “Boredom is the root of all evil. Strange that boredom in itself is so staid and stolid” (Bretall, 22).   It is out of this boredom that the first stage of the progression begins namely the Aesthete.
“Now since boredom, as shown above, is the root of all evil, what can be more natural than the action to overcome it?” (p. 25). The natural urge for humans is to overcome their boredom and satisfaction for the aesthete needs to be a changing variety as to keep him from boredom, and therefore repetition of any one thing, is to bring about boredom. “My method does not consist in changing of field, but resembles the true rotation method in changing the crop and the mode of cultivation” (p. 25). Initial efforts to relieve such boredom are external and temporal an i.e. an aesthete that Kierkegaard uses is Don Juan the famous seducer from Mozart’s play Don Giovanni who prides himself in the number of women he can bed.   Don Juan is fixated on the external and chooses temporal desires as a release from boredom. As a result the aesthete lives his life from day to day without any internal decisive action his...

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