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Bone Of Contention Essay

  • Submitted by: dada143ph
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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CASE STUDY: The Bone of Contention

      The story of Bella and Patty is common scenario in every organization. The feeling of unfairness or when an employee feels not properly remunerated for all the efforts exerted is often the cause of low morale and may result to high turnover. In the case, Bella , a more senior in the company as against Patty, discovered that the latter was payed higher salary despite being new. Unconsciously the feeling of Bella’s feeling of animosity created a rift between the two which subsequently affected their performance.

      While Bella’s emotions of self-pity are understandable but her action towards her co-worker is a definitely unprofessional and not justifiable. On the other hand, Patty’s late reaction which resulted in low performance is normal same as gossips can be highly destructive in every individual. Jealousy is indeed hard to identify and even harder to manage. It can cause lower productivity and can damage workplace’s overall morale. However management should have anticipated these kinds of situations to happen and prepare measures in containing gossips and maintaining a healthy relationship among its employees.

      Management must conduct a regular group meeting to discuss current issues and ensure the employees the confidentiality of such conference. Employees who understand the logical reasons why certain decisions were made will be less likely to become jealous, and employees who can actively participate in decisions will be more invested in those decisions and less jealous of others' involvement. Management should help subordinates career opportunities within the company, and talk with them on an individual basis about ways to improve their performance. Managers can use jealousy in a positive way to spur improved employee performance. Create cohesive teams to reduce jealousy between individuals. Encourage the spirit of cooperation by providing incentives for teamwork and opportunities for colleagues to...

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