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Boeing Vs Airbus Essay

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Boeing versus Airbus

Boeing and Airbus are both known as the best-selling aircraft in the world. Both companies have been growing in the marketplace based on its level of market share and level of trustworthiness. In fact the two companies have been improving their businesses in to surpass each competitor by combining technology advances in bigger designs. The challenge between the two plane makers has already made a noise in the market, but Boeing and Airbus are still remaining and rising higher in term of competition. These companies have basically different products, based on extremely opposite visions of the future and different marketing strategies.
At one hand, Boeing aimed to develop its business more by increasing the stockholder value which would require the company to exercise more effort to make every business unit grow. One of the strategies that had been developed for Boeing was to restructure the entire firm to be able to make the brand known internationally. This aim had required the company to restructure other parts within the company including the reduction of plants and labors. Boeing had decreased its space and labor force to reach the estimated market share of the company. The marketing strategy of Boeing is quite extensive and attractive in nature. Boeing faced a huge number of manufacturing difficulties and a competitive threat from its huge rivals Airbus. It had to find an efficient way of developing and building airplanes and for that reason they changed the entire production systems and they restored their marketing strategies. In general, Boeing’s aircrafts are a sign of prestige and comfort. Boeing’s marketing strategy is dependent on projections and forecasts. That is the reason why Boeing forecasts a $2.6 trillion market for a new commercial airplane which is nearly over the next 20 years. Boeing is more preferred by the customers. In 2006, Boeing introduced the 787 Dreamliner designed due to declining air travel after the attacks...

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