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Blue Man Group Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Cultural Event Report
It was a chilly Saturday afternoon on the thirtieth of November, and the weather did not seem to be promising. The wind blew my hair in every direction and the rain kept sputtering at my face. I was not in a state to be entertained simply put. A friend of mine, Zach was his name, called me up. He had an extra ticket to the noon show at the Astor place theatre over at four hundred and thirty four Lafayette Street in New York City. It was the Blue Man Group. I had not been to any of their shows, and had heard so much about it, I thought it would be a grand idea. I certainly did not have elevated, or even any, expectations about the show. I had seen flyers about the show over the years here and thought it was a bit quirky for me. I mean, three bald and blue men playing the drums did not seem like something that would amuse me.
We arrived at the theatre a little after twelve p.m. The queue was quite long but was surprisingly moving fast. The Astor Place Theater itself is closely intimate and is on the small side, is a good way to describe it. Seating was tight where we were down at the poncho seats on the left side. It's as if I were sitting in a child's seat the entire time. My behind and feet went numb half way through the show. That was okay though as the show more than compensated for it with laughter and high fun.
The show itself was just indescribable. It is definitely not for everyone's penchant, but if you have an open mind to, just let go and enjoy yourself it is heaps of fun. I was laughing, along with the audience, right from the start. The three gifted men who form the group are masters of aural and visual stimulation, and use it to grand effect. The performance is part sketch comedy, part rock concert, part performance art, part lampooning, and the end is something that can only be seen to believe.
The three displayed nice and skillful drumming and dancing sequences although there was some rather distasteful vomit humor, but it...

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