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Bitch Essay

  • Submitted by: bdeb2
  • on March 23, 2012
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Bitches Ain’t Shit
Several years ago, in the days of my naive youth, I was walking down the street with my mother. We strolled past a man sitting on the sidewalk minding out own business when the man asked my mother if she had any extra money he could have, my mother politely declined explaining that she did not carry any cash on her, at this the man responded with a simple “thanks for nothing bitch”. I had not heard that word before but I did not need to have heard it to understand that it was being used as a weapon to hurt my mother. Since that time I have had many more encounters with the word “bitch” being used as a weapon but none stick in my memory so vividly. The word “bitch” is all-too-often used inappropriately to hurt others.
Originally, as Encyclopedia Britannica clearly states, the word was used to define “a female dog”. This definition and associated connotation for the word has since drastically evolved over time to mean something quite different. A great example of this progression can be found in the Dr. Dre song entitled Bitches Ain’t Shit in which Dre uses the word to define a human female who is summed up in the song’s lyrics to be little more than a sexual object which should be used and quickly discarded. In this case and in many similar circumstances, the word is used to degrade those who an individual or group of individuals deem less valuable than themselves. It seems that it has not been until quite recently that the word “bitch” started to be used as a weapon and interestingly enough; the modern rap-music movement is mainly responsible. I spoke to my grandmother recently and she said that when she was a child the word was never used offensively, but exclusively as a descriptive word which had its meaning only in the actual definition. Thinking of the word in that context makes me think about how my experiences with the word have changed since I have become more mature and capable of independent thought.
Personally, the words meaning...

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