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Biotechnology Essay

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Biotechnology EssayHow Will Biotechnology Influence the Future of Humans?
Biotechnology, as its name may suggest, is the use of living organisms and the substances they produce, as well as biological techniques developed from basic research. Biotechnology utilises living things as scientific tools to make products or solve problems to enhance the quality of life.   Over time, biotechnology has become increasingly significant and has brought about the development of a new generation of human therapeutics. Biotechnology is also used for a wide variety of other things, such as environmental management, agriculture and even food processing – something that dates back to 1550BC, when Egyptians used the malting process and yeasts to make beer, bread and wine. A few particular areas of science which utilise biotechnology include designer babies, stem cell research and genetically modified foods. These all carry a number of debatable advantages and disadvantages.
The personal and physical traits a person is born with are purely by chance, with only the genes of the biological parents to select from. But the rapid advancement of science - genetic technology in particular - has led to the possibility of humans actually being able to modify their own unborn children. Given the colloquial term of ‘designer baby’, this is literally a child genetically engineered for specially selected traits.  
This method was used to help spare offspring from any severe medical conditions that were detected, with embryos containing genes that were connected to disabilities discarded. Consequently, this helped reduce rates of infectious disease and changed and saved many lives. This technology has provided many positive short-term benefits to humans.  
But what if we move beyond addressing medical illness, and crossing into the territory of pure aesthetic enhancement? We could determine the characteristics of our unborn children, and select their gender, height, eye colour, and even...

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