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Biotechnology Essay

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Abstract: Biotechnology has been around for centuries. It is the process by which living organisms are used to produce products for human benefit. Humans have been practising biotechnology since pre historic times with the domestication of livestock. They selectively breed crops and livestock for their most desirable characteristics to produce superior food supplies. Genetic Engineering is one of the latest techniques in biotechnology, also known as genetic modification. Genetic Engineering is the deliberate modification of an organism’s genome in order to alter and control the genotype and phenotype of an individual that can then pass on the new characteristics to its offspring. Through my research I sought to find human needs for genetic modification as well as the implication and differing opinions surrounding genetic modification. From some case studies and tertiary sources I found that there is potential for genetically modified organisms to create more efficient food sources and help cure human diseases however some groups fear the long term affects of this new technology and feel the creation of genetically modified organisms crosses ethical boundaries.
Introduction: My aim was to gather a balanced range of information from which I could use to base my opinion about genetic engineering on.   I looked at whether there was cause for concern over genetic modification and if the human need/ benefit outweighed the risk/harm to people, the economy and the ecosystem. As well as the ‘for and against’ arguments I also looked at the motives behind the groups differing opinions. Biotechnology (selective breeding and hybridization) was originally and still is practised by small ‘family farms’ where they take seeds from their best crops (plants with the desirable traits) and use them to plant the next year’s crop. This process is repeated each planting season and over time the yields will have a larger ratio of plants with the desirable characteristics. Farmers also...

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