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Biology Scienc Project Essay

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It’s amazing how airplanes can fly and go smoothly through air without crashing down defying gravity. It’s also interesting that humans figured out how to fly and actually made air transportation. But airplanes aren’t the only human inventions being made to defy and run smoothly through the power of gravity. Another human invention similar to the airplane is the paper airplane. Paper airplane, a simple small version of the real airplane, but made with paper. But the question is, “Which paper plane model will have a longer time and distance on air?” and my hypothesis for this project is that, “the paper plane with the widest and longest wings, will fly farthest, because the wider the wings are the more levitation it will hold and more air it will catch.
How do airplanes fly? Well they have wings, thrust, lift off, and weight of the plane. Similar to its smaller version the “Paper Plane”. One of the most important reasons an air plane can fly is the lift off. Lift off is the force that is caused by wings of the planes, which is the upward acting force. Lift is also the force that counteracts gravity and helps the airplane in the sky. The lift off is generated only when the fluid of air is in motion. Meaning that the wings must be passing through the air or the air needs to move around the wings. The lift is also generated because of the wings. The top of a wing is curved and the bottom is flat. The air that goes over the curved part has less pressure than the air going through the flat part. This makes the plane go up, because of the high pressure of the air that is moving through the flat part of the wing. Also the downward acceleration of the air at the edge of the wing forces the wings to move upward. This also helps the lift of the plane. Another reason that helps the airplane stay up in the air is the thrust of the plane, which is the forward acting force. Thrust is the force that is created by the power that overcomes the airplane’s drag, which is resistance...

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