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Biology Long Neck Lagoon Task Essay

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Aim: Testing if the environment in Longneck lagoon is suitable for the Green tree Frog to be released into.
Background Information.
The large areas of Long neck lagoon were extensively grazed until 1971 when Longneck lagoon was publicised as a reserve.                  
Scheyville has a substantial amount of shale vegetation known as Cumberland shale vegetation. The affiliation of three eucalypts: E. Crebra , E. Moluccana and E. Tereticornis on shale soil, now only exists in small areas.
The soils in Longneck lagoon are derived from sandstone and clay.
A transect was used in the terrestrial environment to present what kinds of trees are in that area and what kind of abundance they have.
The Terrestrial environment testing consisted of not only a vegetation transect but also many other test such as:
Soil temperature: to determine whether or not that was the right temperate for the Green tree Frog.
Soil Ph: In order to know if the Ph levels were correct so the frog wouldn’t be injured in any way if it stepped on the soil.
Leaf litter: this is necessary do the frog Isn’t constantly stepping on just soil and that it will also have other textures it can walk onto.
Soil Texture: the frog cannot stay on a certain texture.
Light: this is a huge factor on whether it is suitable for the Green tree frog, the light determine whether it is able to stay alive in that environment.
The Aquatic environment is tested to determine whether or not the frog would be able to produce offspring and whether they would survive in the beginnings of their lives.
The Aquatic parameters tested were:
Ammonia: Ammonia contributes significantly to the nutritional needs of terrestrial and aquatic organisms by serving as a precursor to food and fertilizers.
Salinity: The salinity of the water determines whether the frog would be able to use it as a source of drinking water and water that they can swim in.

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