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Biology Aqa as Essay

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Explain how the defence mechanisms of the body reduce the chance of entry by a pathogen.
Epidermis of skin is dead / keratinised so pathogens cannot penetrate;
mucus in respiratory system is trapping sticky pathogens;
cilia move fluid / mucus removing pathogens;
tears / saliva / mucus contain lysozyme breaking down bacterial cell wall;
stomach contains hydrochloric acid which destroys bacteria;
blood clot prevents entry;
fluid nature of tears wash away bacteria;
vaginal acid destroys bacteria;
commensal bacteria on skin compete with pathogen;
sebum (fatty acid) inhibits bacterial growth;

Explain how the body responds both generally and specifically to pathogens that enter the blood.
action of phagocytes;
Interferon production;
body temperature increased;
ref to B or T lymphocytes;
activated by non-self-antigen;
either clone / divide by mitosis;
T helper cells role;
B plasma cells produced;
which produces antibodies;
any specific effect (e.g. immobilise /agglutinate / lysis /coat for recognition /
neutralise toxins);
T killer / cytotoxic cell;
perform produced;
memory cell produced;

Explain the role of B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes in the defence of the body against a virus infection.
B lymphocytes produce antibodies/involved in humoral response;
T lymphocytes involved in cell mediated immunity;
Macrophages present antigens;
(specific) B lymphocytes recognise/bind to antigen;
increase in numbers by mitosis;
produce plasma cells (which make antibodies);
antibodies bind to and clump/ agglutinate virus;
memory cells produced by 1st exposure/cloned on 2nd exposure;
T lymphocytes(helpers) produce lymphokines/chemicals;
which aid B lymphocyte cloning;
encourages phagocytes to engulf clumped virus;
killer T cells kill virus infected cells;

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