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Bible Essay

  • Submitted by: garcae6178
  • on August 20, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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The first section of “The Book of Job” is explaining Jobs life when he had everything. How he was a great person and avoided evil. But Satan believed he was only like that because our Lord protected him and gave him everything. So, our Lord let Satan take everything away from him. Job suffered, but he accepted it and did not sin. Then, three of his friends met him to give him comfort and sympathy, but no one said anything for days.
The second section of “The Book of Job” is when Job spoke. He explained how darkness and fear overtook him. He wanted to perish the day he was born. Then Eliphaz spoke and explained how Job was impatient and shouldn’t fear. He asked him “What innocent person perishes? Since when are the upright destroyed?” Job answered and explained that he doesn’t have the strength of stone and has no helper. He would rather choke and die than go through his pain. Then Bildad spoke and said that God does not judge wrong, his trust is like a spiders web. Job answered and said “I know well that it is so: but how can a man be justified before God?” Job explained that he could not choose arguments with God, but he would speak with bitterness of his soul to God. Then Zophar spoke and explained that if Job reached out his hands to God and removed all the bad things he’s done then maybe he will be innocent again. Job answered and explained what Zophar knows, he knows. Job said wisdom should die.
The third section of “The Book of Job” explains what Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar, and Job kept talking about. Eliphaz spoke and explained that some people give birth to failure and emptiness. He also said “What do you know that we do not know?” Job answered and said he has heard this many times, but the pain he has will not go away. His spirit is broken and his plans are at an end. Then Bildad said “You who tear yourself in your anger.” Job answered and said his friends that loved him now have turned against him. Then Zophar explained when you are feeling disturbed your...

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