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Better Parents Essay

  • Submitted by: BBBbritt
  • on April 17, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Prof. Herbal
                                                            Better Parents
I am picking the topic of raising kids for my research paper. I believe this is a very important topic. I feel there are so many more influences today that our steering our kids the wrong way and as parents we have to filter what our kids are taking in. I feel also there is a stronger need then ever to rear our kids in the right direction and have them focused and stable enough to fulfill   healthy and productive lives. I want to find new methods or new ways of thinking when it comes to raising our children. If and what type of resources if any, there is to assist   parents that are lost in what to do when it comes to dealing with a child having certain issues. I think it is very important to have help with providing adequate and encouraging help for parents. Our world is evolving and changing and keeping up with our children and the direction there lives are going should be a main priority.
According to Stephanie Pappas in an article on livescience.com 1/12/12, “10 Scientific Tips For Raising Happy Kids”, Pappas states, "You need to keep it fun! Having fun with your kids is so important. They need to see you as someone who loves to play, and in play that teaches them a lot. That you know how to smile and laugh, and you can be fun, loving, and act like a kid too! They will thank you for that (par.1)" I feel this is so true. The environment you raise a child in has a great deal of significance in later years of life. Having a happy loving environment models them to being the same happy and loving as they reach adulthood.  
In an interesting article in Forbes 1/16/14, Author Kathy Caprino presents, 7 parenting behaviors that keep children from becoming leaders. I agree with her analysis and the behaviors are great advice for parents.  
  1. "We don’t let our children experience risk - Of course we are worried about our kids safety and we try to instill a...

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