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Best Neibougher Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Presentation of Engineering Information

Technical Report Writing
Dr. Ruminda J. Wimalasiri
October 26, 2 0 1 3

What is a Technical Report?
You have to have a reasonably good understanding of what a technical report is, before you learn how to write one.

Organising & Writing the Report.
As you will see, it is very important to organise the report before you start writing it.

Types of Technical Reports.
Which will explain to you of the different types of reports available and occasions you use them.

What is a Technical Report?
A technical report is a practical report done by experts in a particular job  A report is an account brought by usually written as a part of their job. This report enables other people to fulfil one person to another, especially of their roles in organizations or to use the some matter specially investigated. organizations products or services. Technical reports enable business, of the  A report is a formal statement corporations an investigations, or of any results of and public agencies to achieve their goals and maintain their matter on which definite information operations.

Oxford dictionary….

is required, made by some person or body instructed or required to do so.




The first step in writing a good technical report is to decide on the,
 Report topic (ie., the title or „name‟ of the report)  Report audience (ie., to whom the report is written or who will read the report)  Report purpose (ie., why the report is required)  Report type (ie., if it‟s a progress report, experimental report etc)

Activity 1
Find good contrasts by using poetry and textbooks; for instance, compare a
poetic descriptions of bird and a field guide description of the same bird.

Write a discussion comparing the selections and pointing out the features that make the technical writing objective and the poetic description emotional.

Organizing & Writing the Report

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