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Best Friend to Archenemy Essay

  • Submitted by: SweetthangTime1
  • on April 2, 2014
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When growing up, one tends to find two key important people: a best friend and an archenemy. In life, relationships are important to overcome throughout life. What most people fail to realize is that one shares a relationship with every person they encounter, whether it is a best friend or archenemy.
Best friend and archenemies are people who are both involve in someone life. The difference is those friends are there to comfort, while enemies are to be ignored. An archenemy plays a role as well as the best friend. Without having those relationships, one will not experience life fully. Enemies and friends are profoundly known to be different but can also be the same. In friendships most people seem to forget about that can take over a person life without them knowing it. Sometimes in life, one will despised another unexplainably. Enemies are there to tear someone down. They judge for what one has and lacks. They deride, criticize and minimize goals while attempting to divert one from working toward them.
On the other note, a relationship among best friends is the most wonderful thing one can experience. People spend timeless day gossiping to their best friend. A best friend is someone to confide and comfort in. They are there for one another through thick and thin. A best friend can make any bad day a good one. Talking about drama, enemies and relationship is what a friendship consists of. A friend does not judge, but will tell when the right thing need to be done. A friend help another up when they are torn down by their own archenemy.

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