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Benihana Report Draft

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Benihana is a unique theatrical Japanese restaurant specializing in teppanyaki. Founded by a retired wrestler Aoki and built upon the unique concept of batching groups together with their own personal chef, Benihana quickly rose to prominence due to its unique experience. In this report we will discuss our findings the each challenge separately, analyzing each aspect of the Benihana Operation independently. In challenge 6, we will then find the most profitable situation choosing the best of each aspect to obtain the most profitable simulation run.  

Challenge 1: Batching Dining Room Customers

In our first scenario, we are given the choice to either batch or not batch customers. Needless to say after trying out both methods, batching comes out top. Without batching, profits are often negative with an average of -$201.58, a minimum of $534.85 and a maximum of $6.65; Benihana also suffers a large loss of 95 customers per night.   With batching, the average goes up to $121.80 though the minimum decreases to -$514.85 and the maximum increases to $452.15. With batching, Benihana lose 24 customers per night, much lower then without batching due to the average waiting time decreasing from 38.27 min to 10.99 min; thus increasing throughput rate. However, batching reduces the revenue of the bar by half and the amount of drinks sold is decreased. Though overall, batching is still the better strategy to maximize profitability.

Challenge 2: Design the Bar

Building on the concepts of our first challenge, we now control the bar size in which customers will wait for a table with the choice of batching or not batching. After a number of tests as seen in Fig. 1, we find the optimal size of the bar to be 79 seats with batching. This scenario brings in a profit of $242.38, since having more bar seats maximizes our profits through selling more drinks. The bar also helps in maximizing the utilization of the dinner tables.   Although having more dinner tables...

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