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Behind The Nose Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Behind the Nose
      Edmond Rostand’s classic French novel Cyrano de Bergerac, describes the integrated complications that come with loving someone. Through the novel Cyrano wit, charm, and eloquence, are marked by the arrogance and anger he expresses toward people when they notice his abnormally large nose. In the novel Cyrano nose is a constant representation of his marked feelings he has for Roxanne because he feels that because of his nose he has to hide the person that Roxanne really loves witch relates to the theme that beauty is skin deep.
Rostand’s interpretation of Cyrano is that he is a man any woman could truly love. He is able to use his wit and poetic skills to impress any women. He is physically adept, able to fight for his life and anyone else that matters to him. The use of his poetic intellect has the ability to charm any women, but his insecureness about the size of his nose casts a shadow on all the natural charm he already possesses. To hide the insecurities he has, he comes off arrogant and egocentric. Prepared for any insult he is faced when it comes to his nose he comes up witty even worse examples for it, saying it’s “a rock, a peak, a cape! No more then a cape; A peninsula” (Rostand, 38). He uses these insults about about himself to distract his hut and discrace he feels from the constant insults and attracts on his nose. He shows arrogance so he wouldn’t be affected by the mockery. Believing that his nose is the reason he could never be seen as someone capable to be loved or seen as a beautiful to any women, even though his well adept poetic skills, makes him be seen as “magnificent, charming, and Phenomenal” to every women listening to him “Rostand,44”. He lets his insecurities and his shame shield his feelings and makes him feel like he doesn’t have any of the grace, eloquence, or any other qualities that would make a woman love him.
Many don’t see Cyrano and judge him on his heart. They judge him from his outstandingly odd nose....

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