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Behavioural Choice Modelling Tutorial Essay

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The University of Melbourne


CVEN90048 Transport Systems

Behavioural Choice Modelling Tutorial

Question 1

Increasing Active Transport in Melbourne

The Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DoTPLI) wishes, for various reasons, to increase the amount of walking and cycling in Melbourne. So far, this desire has not yet been quantified in terms of specific market objectives. Nevertheless, you have been called upon, as a consultant, to advise the Department on steps they could take to achieve their objective. The Department has a limited budget and hence needs to obtain maximum return from any investment they make. The DoTPLI controls both public transport operations and the construction and management of the road system in Melbourne. Describe 3 key initiatives that DoTPLI should undertake based on the behavioural choice modelling concepts presented in this course.

Question 2

Choice Process

For your trip from home to the University today, list the factors that were relevant to your own choice making behaviour for each component within the conceptual model of the choice process.

Decision Maker Characteristics

System Characteristics

Choice Set Generation

Attribute Set Generation

Attribute Perception

Attribute Evaluation

Importance Hierarchy


Composite Evaluation

Behavioural Intent

Choice Inertia

Question 3

Commuter Study

A study of commuters travel choices was used to develop a logit model as shown in the table below.

|                                  |Car             |Bus           |Coefficient       |
|Constant                           |-2             |-5           |                  |
|Travel Time (minutes)             |40             |20           |-0.2               |
|Direct Cost ($)                   |5               |2             |-0.05             |
|Waiting Time (minutes)             |2...

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