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Beauty Pageants Essay

  • Submitted by: ghand11
  • on March 23, 2012
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Beauty Pageants
Glamour, glitz and fashion. Would you like this to be the life for your little girl?
From make-up, hair extensions, teased hairstyles, clouds of hairspray, fake teeth and outrageous and expensive costumes, this would be the life for your daughter if you let your child live your dream of pageants. I certainly believe that children should not be forced to do beauty pageants; they should be allowed to live the life of a child and do child things. Therefore the price to enter a competition is overpriced when you include make –up, costumes and photographic portfolios.   Lastly the attitude of some of the kids is very appalling. They throw tantrums and behave badly demanding attention.  

Researchers have shown that most parents live their dreams through their children. Therefore their children don’t get to live the life of a child because they are stuck with beauty, make-up, attitude and acting older than they really are.   Most children would like to be able to run around and get dirty without caring what they look like and having to act and perform. By entering a beauty pageant it changes the way they live and feel.

In addition, entering a beauty pageant can cost a lot of money because you have to pay for all of the beauty items like costumes, hairstyles, fake teeth, tans, teeth whitening and make – up.   When entering it takes a lot of training which is overpriced if you want to have a good coach to get magnificent to have a good show. Lastly most daughters when enter beauty pageants normally get portraits of themselves which cost a lot of money, most of the portraits make your child look fake and plastic.

furthermore, most of the children get a lot of attitude because their parents are making them do a beauty pageant when they don’t want to so they build up anger and start to have tantrums and behave badly and demand for attention. Also they believe that they are going to win which makes them over confident.   Then when they find out they have...

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