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Bbt2 Essay

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Outline a HIM compliance plan that emphasizes the coding function
An effective coding compliance plan is three things:
Rational: The compliance plan has to be one that is not only easy to understand, but easy to implement. What works for a large hospital may not necessarily work for a small outpatient facility. Whatever plan you create should not be one that limits productivity by making work more difficult than it should be. If you make the plan to difficult to follow, chances are you won't have many people within your organization being compliant. The compliance officer must assign someone that is able to communicate effectively in a way where not only all rules comply with government standards, but also keeps things as productive as possible.
Implemented: It is not enough to just have a plan put into place that no one is following. Once you have created the compliance plan, it must be shared with the entire facility. The compliance program outlines should be worked into every position within the facility. The compliance officer must assign someone that will make sure that each of the employees within the facility are aware of the compliance program by training them and new hires as well.
Enforced: Although everyone in your facility may be aware of the compliance rules and the program itself, it does not mean that everyone is following it. Employees may be very strict on its use in the beginning of the implementation, but may wear down as time passes. To make sure that everyone is still following the program, there needs to be someone to make sure that there are proper ramifications and punishments for those that refuse to be compliant. The compliance officer must assign someone who can internally audit the HIM department to check for inconsistencies and noncompliance. If it is found that a specific person or department is not compliant than applicable consequences must be given to the responsible party.
Explain the link between HIM and three external...

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