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Battle of the Somme Essay

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Battle of the Somme

Battle of the Somme
For every one mile gained on the battlefield 88,000 lives were lost by the allied forces, that is almost at least one person dead per inch of the seven mile advance. The Battle of the Somme is quite frankly one of the most brutal battles in history to this day.   The battle took place on the Western Front at France north of the Somme river between Aras and Albert. This battle involved the French forces , British forces, and German opposition forces. The battle took place over 141 days from the first of July to the nineteenth of November 1916 (Prior& Wilson, 1991).
The Battle of the Somme took place during World War I. World War I took place from June 28, 1914 to the signing the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1918. It all started with the assassination of Arch Duke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand. This was the shot heard around the world. This event led to the Germany declaring war on Russia. Disputes between the Germany and France began on August 3, 1914 when Germany declared war on France. The next day Britain declared war on Germany. The German opposition's objective was to bleed France dry and it seemed like an obtainable one at that. Later on the French were taking numerous losses from the German armies at the Battle of Verdun, East of Paris, February 21, 1916.   Eventually a strategy was made, first to establish a combined British and French offensive, and second was to inflict as many casualties on the German armies as possible. However, head of the French army General Foch and leading British Commander General Henry Rawlinson   did not believe that the Battle of the Somme would amount to much in the end. However, political figures in both London and Paris made sure that the battle would take place.
The weather was bad, so bad that the best way to describe the battle field condition is to say it was a rain filled sea of mud. With rain and mud there were many instances of disease both on German opposition...

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