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Bastard Out of Carolina Book Review

  • Submitted by: BrandeeM1
  • on August 17, 2015
  • Category: English
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Brandee Millsap
July 25, 2015
Bastard Out Of Carolina Book Review

Sex is definitely the elephant-in-the-room topic for Bastard out of Carolina. Normally this would be everyone’s favorite theme, but of course sex in this novel-by which we mean quite a few kinds of sex acts, including molestation, rape, intercourse, masturbation, and sexual attraction and for the most part are really dark. In this book there are examples of all five phases of sexual abuse.
The first phase of sexual abuse is the engagement phase. During this phase, the perpetrator gains access to the child, engages him or her, and conveys to the child that the behavior is acceptable. Basically, perpetrators play on children’s need for human contact and affection, their need for adult approval, their enjoyment in games, and their interest in material rewards. An example of the engagement phase in this book would be in chapter four when Anney was in labor and Glen waits with Bone and Reese in the car in the hospital parking lot. While it’s dark and Reese is asleep, Glen pulls Bone up to the front seat and as he is talking about how happy they’re all going to be he molests her.
The second phase of sexual abuse is sexual interaction or actual sexual contact. The abuse may range anywhere from watching or fondling a child to sexual intercourse. Often, the longer the abuse has gone on, the more advanced and complex it becomes. An example of sexual interaction in this book is in chapter twenty, Glen begins beating her furiously, wrenching her arm out of its socket and throwing her to the ground. Bone attempts to defend herself and screams for help. Pinning her down, Glen brutally and violently rapes her.
The third phase of sexual abuse is Secrecy. The secrecy phase ensures that the abuse can continue as the perpetrator uses his power to dominate, bribe, emotionally blackmail, or threaten the child into keeping the secret. An example of secrecy in this book is in chapter eight it said...

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