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Bass Theory Essay

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In addition to Burns’s Theory, Bernard M. Bass created another leadership theory, mainly concentrated in military, business, and educational environments; Most of Bass’s research aims at the inadequacies and deficiencies of the previous created Burns’s Theory (Stewart 11). Bass’s theory states that transformational leadership mainly relies on the leaders’ ability to cause determined effects on their followers. These followers must feel trust, motivated, and also have a sense of loyalty, admiration, and respect for their leader in order for them to increase performance, and therefore they can accomplish more than they are expected to do (Yukl 211). Bass explains three main ways leaders can use to transform their followers: First of all, leaders must make subordinates to be aware of the importance and value of their tasks. Second of all, leaders are required to induce followers to seek first the organization’s goal and then their own interests. Third of all, leaders have to activate followers’ higher order needs—employees should be taught how to set priorities and carry them out as soon as possible (“Bass’s Transformational Leadership Theory”).
Furthermore, Bass believes that transformational leaders do more than just set up changes and agreements, but that they also adopt determined behaviors in order to increase subordinates’ commitment to organizational goals and purpose. He argues that even though charisma is a very important factor for leaders, it is not the only one and must be complemented with other factors such as idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized considerations (“Bass’s Transformational Leadership Theory”). These factors are needed since the influence exercised by transformational leaders is carried out not only by arousing strong emotions and identification with the leader, but also by transforming followers, so the leader must create high commitment in followers (Yukl 211).
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