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Barbie Doll Essay

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  • on April 16, 2015
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Artificially Perfect
When invented in the late 1950s by Mattel, the Barbie doll was considered the model woman. For many generations little girls have played with this doll and some even thought that’s how they were supposed to look and act. The Barbie doll was everthing. She was the perfect housewive, she had a career for herself, and she was even the party girl all while mainting her perfect hair, makeup, and tiny wasitline. Within the past few years the idea of the Barbie doll has been questioned by society: is Barbie what every woman is to suppose to look and act like? In Marge Piercys poem, titled “Barbie Doll” the author tells the story of girls short lived life who thought that she was normal until puberty hits and the little girl is trapped by soceitys narrow definitions of what every woman should look and act like. Through her use of irony, imagery, and symbolism Piercy voices her opnion against modern day’s view on what woman should look like.
In “Barbie Doll” the main subject of the poem, a little girl, is born like any other person and is given all the things a little girl is given so that she is presented with what her role women are supposed to fill from a young age.The poem starts by teling the readers that the girl child was born “as usual” and given dolls that function like a normal baby, miniature ovens and red lipsticks. The child in the poem is treated like anormal girl growing up, until puberty hits her. The author’s word choice in the next few stances really emphasizes the change that puberty can bring when a child is losing their appearance of adolecnts into a more adult like body. With words like “magic” the author is able to create the image of how drastic puberty can have on some children. During puberty the physical appearacne of akid is altered by having certain body parts grow at different times. During this time the child who was described as being a healthy, intelligent one is at the same time is being told, “you have a great big...

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