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Barbara Kingsolver Essay

  • Submitted by: myhossey
  • on March 22, 2012
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I totally agree one hundred percent with Barbara Kingsolver’s statement that traditional families’ kids are more likely to succeed than nontraditional families’ kids. It just makes sense for a kid from a traditional family to be more successful. I’m not saying kids who come from nontraditional families are not successful I’m just saying that they are less likely to succeed.   Kingsolver’s statement says nontraditional families put their kids at a greater risk to fail but that does not mean all kids will fail. Some will succeed and become great people. There are exceptions to the rule for anything and this example is no different.
Kids who have divorced parents, gay parents, Brady Bunch families and a single parent have much more everyday stresses than a kid with a traditional family life. It does not take a psychologist to figure that out. It is just common sense. Normally you can tell when someone is sad, distressed, lonely, or depressed.   All of these symptoms are the emotional difficulties that these kids would go through on a daily basis. In today’s society if you do not fit into the social norm than you are outsiders. This would include all kids from nontraditional families. They would be ridiculed and made fun of on a daily basis.
Studies have shown that these kids also struggle in the classroom. This also would make sense. These kids are already under enough pressure as it is and to put even more on them would be crazy. An easy homework assignment might become extremely hard to complete just because the kids will have other important things on their minds as well. This would only make the kid sadder and depressed putting them in a vicious cycle that is nearly impossible to get out of. The kid would begin to feel worthless and like the world did not care about them. It is very sad to think that some kids are like this and I am very glad to have the wonderful family that I have.
I have already elaborated on this a little bit but just think of the mental...

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