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Balfour Declaration Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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In July 1914 Britain was forced the First World War because Germany invaded Belgium, and Britain had a treaty with Belgium swearing protection. The war ended up lasting four strenuous years. It gave Britain many problems, one of which included financial burdens. In most cases, wars impact economies negatively and Britain was no exception. By 1917 they were on the verge on bankruptcy, and they needed help to relieve some of the financial burden. They looked towards the growing influential group of Jews in their country. The Jews had money and the British were in desperate need of it. The money, of course, would come with a price. For many decades, the Jews had be the focus of persecution for various reasons. Because of this, they sought a homeland to seek refuge in and escape from persecution. Britain compromised with the Jews to give them some of Palestine, and in turn the Jews would financially support Britain during World War I.
At the same time, Britain made deals with Arab nationalists for military support in the Great War. These nationalists wanted to break free from the Ottoman Empire and create their own country, the problem was they did not have the military to fully carry it out. The British saw this as an opportunity to get what they needed and proposed to help the nationalists, if they help them fight against the Ottoman Empire. This would be great for Britain because the Ottomans sided with Germany in World War I, and the Arabs fighting against them would be an even bigger burden on the Ottomans’ military. So the British end up promising the Arabs land in Palestine if they help them fight against the Ottomans.
The British government’s decision to make competing promises to different parties in the Middle East was an advantageous smart political and military strategy for multiple reasons. One positive outcome was they got help in fighting their enemies during the Great War. With the Arabs now on their side, they had extra armed forces that knew their...

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