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Bail Bonds Essay

  • Submitted by: khan1000
  • on April 16, 2015
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Bail Bonds
Bail bonds are the means by which a person is allowed to get out of jail by the courts A bail allows the accused to be released from prison till his or her case gets finished .If the person is not financially stable enough to pay his/her bail and someone other then him/her, who is above 18 is also not willing to bail him /her out, then the person is left with one last option that is going for bail bonding. People usually don’t have the money to pay right away the amount set by the judge to post bail, so they acquire the services of the Bail Bondsmen .These agents have their own offices from where they run the day to day operations. In return for the release of their clients from jail these agents act as a surety that the accused on trial would not run away and show up at court proceedings. As insurance companies shy away from investing their policyholders funds in a risky transaction such as posting bail bonds, thus to fill the void these agents step in and offer their services. Insurers still play a role as they are the ones that verify all bail bond agreements for their agents The agents main clientele are criminal defendants who are accused of crimes such. As around the world bails are usually very less so these agents are usually found in only two countries; the USA and Philippines.
Tom and Peter McDough founded the bail bonding system in 1898 however historians claim that these kinds of services originated in ancient Iraq where stone carvings revealed that people used to keep sheep as surety. Under the system founded by Tom and Peter, the defendant pays a percentage of the bail to a bonds agent who puts up the cash as a surety that the person will appear in court.
If the case gets rejected, and the defendant wins the case then he/she would still have to pay the agent the fees. If the client doesn't pays, then bail bondsman can take action to defend his interests.
In the event that the client doesn't pays whatever is left of the cash to the...

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