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Backbiting; a Major but Common Sin Essay

  • Submitted by: arifaun
  • on April 16, 2015
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The saying of our Beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (May peace be upon him) is that backbiting is as that one eats the flesh of his/her dead brother. So, it shows that how greater sin is to speak against one’s absence. But unfortunately, it has became our common practice to frequently pass negative comments and remain ignorant that we are committing one of the greatest sins “backbiting”. Just recall our conversation among our social, family or official gatherings. Someone, just put a question to carry on the conversation “how is Mr./Miss XYZ, its long time to see him/her” so, this question is like the short pitched ball and now everyone will try to pull that ball for six. All the members will consider their duty to give some comments about that absent person and unfortunately most of the comments will be against him.
The continuity of this practice is injecting the abhorrence against each other and now we need make up of falsehood to conversation, we have to show that we are loyal sincere and loving with the other fellow but on the actual grounds we don’t have positive feelings. The reason is again same “backbiting “, which is responsible of this falsehood and the true feelings, true positive likings have been abolished.
If somebody commits crime like robbery or fraud he will get some money or other economic benefits so, his crime has some justifications but the question arises what we gain and what are the benefits to passing such negative comments? Why we enjoy recalling someone’s negative practices? I don’t know the answer. Perhaps, we have devil inside and we do such practices just to feed him but it is the only justification or the only safe side for our evil deeds that it was Satan who tempted us for sin. We put all our misdeeds on Satan’s shoulders and say very innocently that it was he (Satan) who forced us. I want to share a joke with you that once a person committed some wrong and when some asked him why you did it? He replied it was Satan who...

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