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Bachelor in Law Llb Essay

  • Submitted by: mahmuthudaverdi
  • on August 20, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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“Privacy law disproportionately protects the rich and the famous .As such as it is unfair.” Critically evaluate this statement.

Name :   Mahmut Toray Hudaverdi
Student No : 10012010
Module :   Torts 2                 Law-10024
Word Count : 2000
Level 1

Essay Question: “Privacy law disproportionately protects the rich and the famous .As such as it is unfair.” Critically evaluate this statement.

Peoples have several reason to keep their information private. These reasons can   be related with several   aims,   like to have commercial advantage , avoid embarrassment ,   conceal wrongdoing , avoid negative consequences ,   preserve intimacy or   avoid constant   surveillance and need to keep face (Mayer ,1987). Before I will stated to evaluate this statement , I would like to summarise the privacy law and its features , rules and limitations by the help of main cases to identify this question more efficiently and make it   more easy for internalise.
Privacy does not have only one definition, its hard to restrict the meaning of privacy in several words, because it can be adaptive   also   have it shape from its   meaning   of in harmonised condition.   According to the classification of Prosser’s ( Steele 809) Restatement Torts , Section 652 ; the privacy has indicated by   four unfair actions . These actions are Intrusion upon seclusion, Public disclosure of private facts about the privacy , Publicity which   outs the plaintiff in false light and appropriateness of plaintiff’s name or likeness . (Torts - 10024 lecture notes ) .   In literature , privacy   has defined   as desired in access by Moreham , and according to   her   definition claimants need to have desire to keep some information out of the reach of other people. (Cooke, Mcbridge and Bagshaw 2007)

Rules of privacy   and its protections does   not have long term development period in the English Common law , this sensation is relatively new and still developing. Some time ago , law authorities...

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