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Bacc Essay

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Benefits In The Uk

Advantages And Disadvantages

Why should people who cant be bothered to do anything and receive benefits?

Some of them just get their money and spend it all on drink and drugs.

Why should we the general public be paying taxes for people who can’t be bothered to get of their back sides and do something?                        

They get everything done for them, don’t have to pay rent, council tax nothing, they get new kitchens, sinks, bathrooms and all sorts. Some of them have better lifestyles than the people who work for a living, and actually do something for their money.


If a significant portion of the population is unemployed, employment insurance helps prevent a recession by supplying people with money so they can spend it and help the economy.

(However if people hoard this money rather than spending it, its benefits are not completely transferred to the economy. This is called a leakage.)

Disadvantages:   UNEMPLOYMENT

It is not free money. It is something you had already paid from your previous jobs and it simply given back to you should you lose your job.

There is a limitation to getting them, should you work during the week, you must report the income and it is deducted from your UB for that week.

You must look for work every day and depending on where you live, report your searches/interviews/calls.
The income is limited, and the payouts are may be tough to live off, which is why you must find work at some point, as we all are trying to do in today's economy.

It also gives people an incentive to stay unemployed.

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