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Audience Research Questionaire Essay

  • Submitted by: madeha98
  • on April 17, 2015
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Audience Research Questionnaire


This question shows the number of people taking my questionnaire through asking what gender they are. The question indicates that there are an equal amount of males and females taking my questionnaire.


This question shows that my focus group is a young audience and they would be in the social grade of an E as they would be unemployed or students. I only asked the people in my class to answer my questions. This is a limitation; therefore in future I will need to ask a variety of people outside the classroom or school. Furthermore, this question showed me that my music video will need to appeal to a younger demographic, therefore my mis-en-scene should consist of mainstream or current factors.


This question shows that 50% of my focus group prefers house music, 30% prefer R&B music, 10% enjoy grime music, and another 10% prefer alternative and no body showed favouritism towards classical music. This is due to the psychographic variables of the focus group. As the majority, 50% of people who chose house music, is a favourite, this gives me a good idea on what genre to base my music video on. If the young generations prefer house music, my music video will be very successful and will be viewed on many different media platforms; as a result of this many sales will be generated.


This question indicates that the majority – 80% of my target audience watch music videos, regardless of whether they are an active or passive audience, therefore I must make sure that my music video is very effective and enjoyable to watch because its seems as though my focus group have sources which allow them to be up to the minute when it comes to the latest music. Due to this, if the video is enjoyable to watch, they will be shared on various platforms such as the social media and so therefore exposure will be increased.


These results show that 50% of my focus group use YouTube to view music videos. This...

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