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Atomic Bomb Essay

  • Submitted by: thejoe
  • on March 22, 2012
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Some deem this drastic event as necessary, some say it was cruel and ruthless, while others have yet to form an opinion between if it was entirely bad or essential. The atomic bombs, known as Little Boy and Fat Boy, left devastation all over Japan’s cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when two U.S. planes dropped them from above. The bombs were supposedly intended to end World War II, but yet the morality of the situation is often called into question when seeing the wake of their destruction. With any little bit of knowledge on what happened, one can become aware of the various viewpoints and grasp a new understanding of the material. These perspectives are often put into three categories: the question of “Was it truly Necessary?”, and its counter-argument, along with demolition and effects.

The annihilation left by the second atomic bomb dropped, Fat Boy, over Nagasaki made for a quicker decision by Japan to pull out of the war, thus ending it. However, there was much less activity from Japan in those final months, according to Mark Weber from the Institute for Historical Review. He states, “Almost nothing was left of the once mighty Imperial Navy, and Japan's air force had been all but totally destroyed” (Weber). Along with this he mentions the U.S. and its incessant rain of bombs over Japan’s cities, turning them to ruins. Weber then begins to point out other areas in which the Japanese fell short. These include how Japan’s factories were producing little, if any, weapons due to the severe lack of oil and other raw materials thus greatly inhibiting progress. Along with this, the residential areas were a quarter of the way destroyed with the transportation system near complete meltdown and the Japanese diet on the verge of sub-starvation. Weeks before the atomic bombs were dropped waves of five-hundred and counting B-29 Bombers raided Japan’s skies leaving nothing behind. Fifty-six square miles of the Japanese capital was laid to waste and provided the American...

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