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Astronomy Essay

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Astronomy Final
      1.1 Our place in the Universe
  * 100 billion stars in the sky
  * Our galaxy is about one of forty in the Local Group
      * The local group is a small part of the Local Super cluster
  * The observable galaxy contains 100 billion stars
      1.2 A brief history of the Universe
  * Big Bang has expanded ever since the universe began, except in localized regions where gravity has caused
      * Big Bang produced only two types of elements hydrogen and helium
      1.3 Defining Planets
  * Planet is defined as an object that wanders among the constellations, but now applies to Earth and the seven other planets in our Solar System
      * Pluto and other smaller planets are referred to as dwarf planets
2.1 Understanding the Seasons
  * Tilt of the Earth’s axis causes the seasons.
      * The axis points in the same direction threw out the year
        * As earth orbits the sun, sunlight hits different parts of the Earth more directly at different times each year
  * The constellations vary with the seasons because our night sky lies in different directions in space as we orbit the sun
2.2Understanding the moon
  * The half of the moon facing the sun is always illuminated while the other half is dark, but from Earth we see varying combinations of the illuminated and dark faces
  * Lunar Eclipse when the Earth’s shadow falls on the moon
  * Solar Eclipse is when the moon blocks the view of our sun
  * Eclipses come in different types’
      * Umbral is darker
      * Penumbral is lighter when the shadow falls
2.3 The Puzzle of Planetary Motion
  * Planets generally move eastward relative to the stars from night to night but sometimes they reverse course for weeks or months in what we call apparent retrograde motion
      * This motion is simply explained in a sun-centered system, Greeks rejected this model
  * Stellar parallax is the slight apparent shift in stellar position over the course of the...

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