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Ast101 as You Learn Essay

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If a Planet was discovered that has an axis tilt of 35 degrees, I believe this planet would have seasons like we do on Earth. I think that the seasons on this planet would be more extreme then the ones we experience here on Earth, and also be experienced differently on this new planet then here on Earth.
With a greater axis tilt, this planet would experience much longer days in the summer, and much shorter days in the winter compare to our days relative to the season on Earth. With the Sun Light hitting higher and lower on the planet in the summer, the Poles would experience the seasons as well as the rest of the hemisphere. This could mean that the North Pole would experience more of summer then Earth's North Pole, and a much more extreme winter. This also means that regions of this planet would experience the seasons differently than their geographical counterparts on Earth. This means certain latitudes that are normally not as warm in the summer would experience much more warmth in the summer.
A Raisin Cake that has raisins one centimeter apart prior to baking, and then the raisins are three centimeters after baking is very similar to the expanding of the universe and the growing distance between galaxies.
If viewing the cake from the outside prior to baking, the cake would appear smaller in size, with the raisins being close to each other. Once the cake is baked, the cake itself will have expanded in size, and the raisins will have moved further apart from each other from all the extra space from the expanding of the cake.
If a raisin is selected inside the cake, and the baking process were viewed from the point of view of that particular local raisin, you would see that all the raisins nearby are very close to each other before baking. As the baking process commences, it would appear that all the other raisins are moving away from the local raisin, and also further from each other, deeper into the cake, seeing that raisins further out in the...

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