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Assessment of the Causes and Consequences of Changes in the Uk Population Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Assessment of the Causes and Consequences of Changes in the Uk Population" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Demographic trends and family life
Assessment of the causes and consequences of changes in the UK population

To population of the United Kingdom has been changing during its history. These changes in the population of the UK   originated from different reasons and also had very different consequences upon society. Some of these are being examined and evaluated in the following.

One first major change in the population of the UK was the significant fall in the birth rate. After the 'baby boom' after the Second World War, the UK's population experienced much less births tham before. In 2004, 716 000 children were born, which is 21% fewer than in 1071.
This decline of the birth rate may be caused by the decline in the infant mortality rate. More children survive the first years of their life because sanitation, medical care, water supplies and nutrition have imporved throughout the century. This meant that parents did not have the need to have lots of children to ensure that a few survived, and families got smaller.
In addition to that, the standards of living increased and education got more important and also, more expensive. Family life reached its limits and the size of families got narrowed down.
Another cause of the fall of the birth rate in the UK population is the changing attidues towards women. Due to the emancipation and the better contraception (the pill) women got greater opportunities and choices about their lifes. Many prefer to pursue a higher education and career before or instead having children.
All these different factors led to the decline of the birth rate, but what footsteps did the decline in the birth rate leave in ou society?

To understand that we have to examine another bigger change in the UK population: The falling death rate and the higher life expectancy, which are both caused by improvements in medical care (technology and practice), public health (sanitation and hygiene) and better care and welfare facilities provided by...

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